Fall Research Conference



2023 Pre-Conference Workshop


2023 APPAM Pre-Conference Workshop

November 8, 2023  | Hyatt Regency |  Atlanta, GA

APPAM is pleased to host one Pre-Conference Workshop at the 2023 Annual Fall Research Conferencetaking place in Atlanta, Georgia.

The workshop is hosted by APPAM Institutional Member, University of Minnesota, Humphrey School, on Wednesday, November 8. The workshop will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, GA, the Fall Conference host hotel, and exact meeting rooms details will be released in the fall. Workshop attendees will receive lunch and refreshments during the event.

Registration Rates

The Pre-Conference Workshop is an optional add-on that can be found on the conference registration page. If you already registered and you'd like to add the workshop, please email registration@appam.org.  

  • Student Member: $45
  • Professional Member: $75
  • Retired Member: $75
  • Non-Member: $90

Policy and Implementation in a Post-Apartheid South Africa

Wednesday, November 8, 10:30 am - 3:30 pm US Eastern Time

This workshop will explore the theme, “Policy and implementation in post-apartheid South Africa” through a lens of policy compromises, multiple agendas, and intractable problems with which South Africa is still struggling 27 years after the end of apartheid.

Apartheid translated as “separateness” was not only about political and economic oppression but was a deep “geographical affair”. The 1994 negotiated settlement to end apartheid produced as its first prize universal franchise and an electoral victory for the ANC (African National Congress), a liberation movement described as a “broad church” that became a formal constitutional political party. The promise of a transformed society -- non-racial, united, and equitable – has however not been realized and after almost 27 years of ANC rule, South Africa is not only the most unequal society, but the ANC has lost much of its support, and some argue its “soul”. 

This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to engage firsthand with the changing race-class-spatial structures that South Africa has struggled to addressed since 1994 as well as what many regard as intractable problems in South Africa. Participants will interact in small groups with academics and individuals who have been fighting for change and are involved in policymaking and policy implementation in South Africa. It will introduce attendees to the persistent fault lines in South African political and social life and the failing remedial policies from late apartheid to the present day.

Workshop Agenda

10:30 AM – 10:45
Greetings from APPAM President-Elect Donald Moynihan and HHH Dean Nisha Botsway

10:45 - 10:50
Introduction of Keynote Speaker Samuel Myers

10:50 - 11:30
Keynote Address: Dean Michelle Esau, University of Western Cape

11:35 - 12:30
Luncheon (during the luncheon we will honor Dr. Josie Johnson, former Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota and leader of the Minnesota Delegation to the 1963 March on Washington)

12:30 - 12:45 
Part 1: Overview and Goals for the Day
Greg Ruiters, University of Western Cape

12:40 PM – 2:00 PM (breakout rooms)
Part 2: Explore the Issue

Breakout 1: Private Property and the Constitution
Breakout 2: Energy Blackouts and Racism
Breakout 3: Affirmative Action & Social Grants

2:15 PM – 3:30 PM 
Identify Solutions
Solutions, Remedies & Next Steps



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