Fall Research Conference


Poster Participant Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all poster presentations for the 2020 Fall Research Conference. If you have any questions, please contact Tristanne Staudt

Poster Session Dates/Times


Poster Session Basics

  • Poster presenters will be assigned a Zoom meeting room based on their policy area in early October. If you do not receive your Zoom meeting room assignment by October 15, please email Tristanne Staudt, tstaudt@appam.org, for more information.
  • Each policy area Zoom meeting room will have eight to ten poster presentations, plus a chair to help facilitate the session.
  • Audience members will have access to all of the policy area links and can enter and exit the meetings as they please.
  • The poster sessions are for registered conference participants only so the conference password will be required to access the poster Zoom meeting rooms.


  • To kick off the Poster Q&A sessions, the Zoom meeting room chair will ask both presenters and audience members to quickly introduce themselves – name, affiliation, and if they’re an audience member or a presenter.
  • Then, the chair will turn it over to the first poster presenter. Each poster presenter will have three to four minutes to present and should use a singular poster graphic in lieu of multiple slides.
  • The chair will continue to introduce the next poster presenter in the order originally assigned until everyone has completed their presentation.
  • Lastly, the chair will open up the floor for audience questions. The chair will encourage the audience to ask questions out loud using computer audio but can also read questions submitted via the Zoom chat feature for those without microphone access.
  • We encourage poster presenters to ask questions to their fellow presenters to help spark audience discussion.
  • Example Poster Session Timing:



2:00 PM – 2:05 PM

Chair kicks off session

Everyone introduces themselves

2:05 PM – 2:09 PM

Poster 1 of 8

2:09 PM – 2:13 PM

Poster 2 of 8

2:13 PM – 2:17 PM

Poster 3 of 8

2:17 PM – 2:21 PM

Poster 4 of 8

2:21 PM – 2:25 PM

Poster 5 of 8

2:25 PM – 2:29 PM

Poster 6 of 8

2:29 PM – 2:33 PM

Poster 7 of 8

2:33 PM – 2:37 PM

Poster 8 of 8

2:37 PM – 2:50 PM

Audience Q&A


Poster Session Logistics

  • Poster Graphic Visual Aid: A static poster graphic is required from all poster presenters to help the audience follow along. This should be a singular graphic so please do not use multiple slides.
  • Screen Sharing: You’ll be responsible for sharing your poster graphic during your presentation. Please review the Zoom screensharing tips before the live session to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Time Limit: Please keep in mind your three to four minute time limit. We recommend practicing with your presentation with a timer to make sure your talking points fall within that limit. The Zoom meeting room chair will give you a timing warning and a stop warning if you run over the limit.


Zoom Meeting Room Chair

‚ÄčThere will be an APPAM staff member assigned to each Zoom meeting room to help keep presenters on time, to make sure audience questions are answered, and for technical difficulties. Please utilize the Zoom chat feature to direct message your Zoom meeting room chair for help, if needed.