International Conference


2017 International Conference



Public Policy and Governance Beyond Borders

We are living in a time when the boundaries of public policy increasingly do not align with the territorial boundaries of countries, and researchers and policymakers are prompted to work within regional, multi-governmental, and international policy spaces. Key arenas of public policy, such as foreign policy and peace building, migration and refugees, social protection and development, health, education and employment, and innovation, to name just a few, require us to think beyond and across borders, discover synergies, and confront tensions. To address these key public policy issues, APPAM held the 2017 International Conference in Brussels, Belgium.
This international conference, held in the capital of Europe’s political project, invited researchers, analysts, and policymakers to critically reflect on their experiences of working on issues of public policy and governance beyond borders. The event was hosted by MGSoG / UNU-MERIT (Maastricht University) and Syracuse University.

Conference Coverage

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