International Conference


2020 International Conference Policy Areas


New Perspectives on Healthy Public Policy

The theme of the 2020 APPAM International Conference is New Perspectives on Healthy Public Policy.  It will focus on the policy areas listed below:

Education (e.g. Head Start, pre-K, kindergarten, elementary education, high school, college, student loans, school and teacher accountability, disadvantaged students, charter schools, grants and financial aid, teacher evaluation and effectiveness, curriculum, etc.)

Environment and Sustainability  (e.g., climate policies, sustainable health systems)

Family, Child, and Aging (e.g., early childhood, family wellbeing, safety nets, health and social policies affecting health and wellbeing of older adults and their caregivers)

Global Health Policy (e.g., global governance, sustainable development goals, universal health coverage, comparative health systems and policies)

Health Access and Coverage (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, federal/state/province governance, coverage expansion, “pharmacare”, telehealth)

Health-In-All-Policy (e.g., research on the approaches, methods, and outcomes of explicit attention to health across all of government)

Management of Health Organizations (e.g., administration and management, organizational theory and behaviour, advances in technology, electronic medical records; health organizations include hospitals, community organizations, nursing homes, insurance funds)

Poverty and Income Impacts (e.g., poverty reduction policies, income redistribution)

Social Equity, Race, and Indigenous Populations (e.g. Gender (including transgender and non-binary gender identification), race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, immigration and LGBTQ issues, affirmative action and diversity programs)

Substance Use and Risky Behaviours (e.g., cannabis, opioid, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, sexual health, and criminal justice )