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WEBINAR: Politicizing the Administrative State

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Politicizing the Administrative State: What Will Happen After the 2024 Election?


Republican candidates for President have fixated upon "the deep state" in their campaigns and have developed detailed plans to purge what they see as political opponents within the federal bureaucracy. This webinar describes what this will mean in practice, and the implications for policymaking and policy implementation. Donald Moynihan (Georgetown University) will discuss the potential use of Schedule F, an executive order that presidential candidates have promised to use to convert tens of thousands of career federal employees into at-will political appointees who could be easily fired. Rachel Potter (University of Virginia) and James Capretta (American Enterprise Institute) will draw on their experience of working in and studying executive and legislative branches to consider how more intense politicization would affect policymaking processes and accountability.

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