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Getting to Know New Policy Council Members: Jason Coupet


Dr. Jason Coupet is an Associate Professor of Public Administration at North Carolina State University. He is also a newly elected member of the Policy Council as a researcher in an academic setting, early career. Let's find out some more about Dr. Coupet in this brief interview. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m an Associate Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University. I mostly study public and nonprofit sector efficiency and productivity, but I am broadly interested in anything related to the economics of public service delivery, organizations, and social institutions. My research pulls from applied econometrics, operations research, and economic organization. I have three little ankle biters: a seven year old, a four year old, and a newborn. I am from Chicago. I’m a huge basketball and boxing nut, and I enjoy running, weightlifting, street food, and beer. I also coach youth track and field.

How did you first learn about APPAM?

You won’t believe this but I Googled it! My PhD is in Management, and in graduate school, few of the people around me were concerned with public sector organizations. I was looking for a community of researchers interested in economics, management, and public problems. I submitted a paper, went to the conference, and found my home!

What made you want to join the Policy Council?

APPAM is one of the few scholarly communities where researchers can situate themselves in rigorous research design, push themselves, and it never feels stuffy. The researchers in my APPAM community are among the most fun down to earth scholars I know, and they are some serious researchers! My APPAM community also includes folks from all walks of live. APPAM is special in this regard, and I thought that serving on the Policy Council might help build and secure APPAMs strengths in this area.

What do you think is the most important thing that the Policy Council can do to help the membership?

Embrace its diversity, fun, and rigor! I’d love to see APPAM continue to expand its appeal to junior scholars and early career researchers looking to push themselves in design and institutional knowledge but feel embraced and have fun in the process. This is particularly true for scholars of color and from working class backgrounds looking to learn more about the ways to build community with research in the places they are from and care about.

What is your favorite APPAM Conference City?

Washington! I love the easy access to the policy community, and it is convenient to the Eastern seaboard cities like Philly, Baltimore, Boston, and New York, where many of my collaborators and community members call home.

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