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Getting to Know New Policy Council Members: Lisa Gennetian


Dr. Lisa Gennetian is a Pritzker Associate Professor of Early Learning Policy Studies at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy. She is also a newly elected member of the Policy Council as a researcher in an academic setting. Let's find out some more about Dr. Gennetian in this brief interview. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a cross- and interdisciplinary scholar with training as an applied economist; I’ve always strived to engage in research that can contribute to both science and policy and have had a rewarding circuitous career through non-academia and now have landed full time in academia. Why my focus on children and child poverty in the U.S.? More about me and my work here

My spouse is also an economist, an expert on anti-trust issues and thus also has a strong footprint in the policy space. And, I’m the parent of three young adults who seem to be branching out in careers related to psychology, engineering, and journalism, which makes me wonder about the effectiveness of all of those dinner conversations about economics!

I feel very strongly about drinking high quality coffee; love to travel; and I love to spend time in the outdoors (hiking, biking, walking).

How did you first learn about APPAM?

My first introduction to APPAM was through my first job post-PhD at MDRC, where it was a standard course of business to collectively convene and submit proposals to APPAM on various research endeavors (or policy ideas) and/or consider APPAM as an opportunity to reveal new findings from an evaluation.

What made you want to join the Policy Council?

Public service, giving back to a policy community that has always welcomed me; wanting to help invest in the future of policy scholarship and early career scholars in particular; and support APPAM as a platform that can address inequities and racism and foster more equitable policy scholarship, opportunities and policy making. Also, I find that attention to children gets lost in silos in disciplines and in policy making and APPAM is a professional organization that speaks across silos and sectors, an ingredient toward holistically supporting children.

What do you think is the most important thing that the Policy Council can do to help the membership?

Supporting scholarship, networking and connecting research, policy and practice, helping give voice to research and evidence to a broader policy making community.

What is your favorite APPAM Conference City?

Austin, TX. 

Thank you very much Dr. Gennetian.

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