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JPAM's Closer Look Podcast Episode 3: Universal Free Meals

Episode 3 of the Closer Look Podcast is out now!

What happens at schools when kids get free lunch? You might be surprised at the dramatic results of this study by Syracuse University Professor Amy Schwartz, which recently appeared in JPAM:  Let Them Eat Lunch: The Impact of Universal Free Meals on Student Performance.

JPAM’s Closer Look is a deep-dive discussion with JPAM authors who are researching some of the top issues facing our country today—including immigration, education, crime, healthcare and housing.

Join our host, Seth Gershenson, Associate Professor of Public Policy, American University and Research Fellow, IZA Institute of Labor Economics in learning more about the research that will shape future public policy.

Closer Look is a production of JPAM and the American University’s School of Public Affairs. Be sure to follow the podcast on your favorite platform so you don’t miss an episode!



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