How to Get Involved

As a member-driven association, APPAM relies on the contributions of volunteers at every turn. As a seasoned APPAM member or as a new member, you have a unique perspective and there are many ways to contribute. We regularly need volunteers at all levels, whether you have a couple of hours to spare or would like to commit yourself to serving in a leadership role on a committee or at a conference, we are happy to lead you in the right direction.  

Below are just a few of the ways you can become more involved in APPAM.  


The goals of the APPAM committees are to help the Policy Council engage with members and to accomplish the work of the association.  

Committees meet throughout the year by phone and the chairs of each committee report on the activities of their committees at each of the two annual Policy Council Meetings. Member volunteers who serve on a committee must be committed to attend all committee meetings. Typically, a committee meets once a quarter via a phone conference call, lasting between 30 minutes and a hour. Committee members are expected to participate in the committee's work and with Association staff on accomplishing both Policy Council and committee goals for the year.  

Non-Council members can be appointed to open committees if there is a vacancy.  The committees work in conjunction with APPAM staff throughout the year to achieve goals set out in the Strategic Plan. 

APPAM CommitteesExhibit_Hall,_Poster_Judges

  • Communications Committee 
  • Diversity Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Meetings & Conferences Committee
  • Policy Relevance Committee (professional members only)
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Student Advisory Committee (student members only)  

E-List Online Community

At APPAM we strive to provide our members with access to a broad collection of tools, content, practical resources, professional development opportunities, and a smart and vibrant community of peers—all to help you do your job better.
The APPAM E-Lists provide a members-only discussion group where you may seek practical answers and solutions from your peers. The new E-List communities are a great medium with which to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in an ongoing conversation.


Conferences and Events

Interested in expanding your role outside of attendee at an APPAM conference?  APPAM offers several volunteer positions for Exhibit_Hall,_Posters_3attendees looking to make the most out of their conference experience. 

APPAM encourages all members to submit a proposal for presentation at our annual conferences.  For more details on our Fall Research, Spring, Student, and International conferences, include call for proposal deadlines, please visit here

Student Programming 

Our student members are a vital part of our association.  As such, APPAM holds several student programs throughout the year. These programs are open to all student members.  However, we are in need of both student and professional member volunteers for many of these events.  
The Professional Development Sessions for Students are held throughout the Annual Fall Research Conference.  The sessions are aimed at supporting students in all stages of their education, from undergraduate through postdoctoral.
Sessions  often feature a series of panels with experts from a variety of professional fields to provide students with advice on their careers, both as students and after graduation. Previous sessions have included tips for grant writing, presentation skills & data visualization, and bridging the gap between graduation and policy practice. 
APPAM is in need of experienced professional members to speak on these panels to share insights, connect with policy students, and discuss a variety of policy topics in greater detail.  APPAM is also in need of student members to serve as session moderators to introduce the panelists, take notes, keep type and facilitate the Q&A portion of the session. 
Annual Fall Research Conference Ask the Experts Round-table Discussions (professional member volunteers only)
The Ask the Policy Experts Roundtable session provides an opportunity for students to meet with professionals to discuss a variety of policy topics. Experienced professionals are available in the student lounge to speak with students, offer advice, and discuss research projects. These discussions provide a candid, informal opportunity to network with practitioners and academics.
Mentor Matching Program (professional member mentor volunteers only)Mentoring
The mentor matching program matches student conference attendees with policy experts to connect one-on-one during conferences.  Mentors are available to offer advice on professional development issues, examine job search strategies, discuss research projects and ideas, and answer any questions students may have as they approach graduation. 
This program serves as a great opportunity for students to connect with policy professionals, forge partnerships, and learn about diverse policy organizations.  Professional member volunteers are needed for this one hour, in-person meeting with your mentee at the APPAM conference. Mentors and mentees may continue their conversation after the conference if they choose.
APPAM holds several brown bag discussions throughout the year for policy students and young professionals.  These events feature expert speakers on policy "hot topics" such as big data, health care, and publishing.  APPAM is in need of members interested in serving as a policy expert on a brown bag panel discussion.  

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) 

One of the most valuable APPAM membership benefits is the easy access to policy news and publications.  All APPAM members receive complimentary access to the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM), the leading journal in the field of public policy and public management. The quarterly journal is delivered in print and is also offered to members online through an easy, searchable library system.  Members can search for and download any JPAM article and have special early access to articles from upcoming issues.  You may access JPAM online here.   


Stay Connected

APPAM shares daily updates on our social media platforms.  Ensure that you are receiving timely information by following us below:

We also encourage you to update your profile on the APPAM website.  A complete profile allows us to not only keep you abreastSymposium,_Crowd of topical information in all policy areas, but it helps us deliver updates that are the most relevant to you and your specific area of focus. To update your profile please log into your APPAM account, select "My Profile & Invoices," and then "Edit."  Once you have updated your contact information please be sure to add your education and policy focus areas as well.  
An APPAM Web Portal Guide with additional information on how to update your profile, access the membership directory, and view your membership and conference invoices may be found here.  
Lastly, please feel free to browse the APPAM Membership Directory.  Here you may search for colleagues by name, organization, geographical region, as well as area of expertise.  

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please send them to