Member Referrals

Building the future of our profession...together!

Tap into your network of colleagues and help APPAM grow!

Every time you recruit a member, you strengthen APPAM. Through member growth, APPAM can develop new and enhanced programs to support you. A growing APPAM means greater recognition for the policy analysis profession, more resources and support for members, and a louder voice in Washington, DC, across the county, and throughout the world.

Who is eligible to participate?  

Any current APPAM professional or student member is eligible to participate. If you are unsure of your member status, please contact Meghan Grenda, Membership & Administration Manager.

Who can be recruited?

The following individuals are eligible:

  • Professionals working in the field of public policy and public affairs.
  • Students enrolled in a policy related degree program at an institution of higher education.

Please note the referral program is not valid for current renewals. Referred members must not have held an APPAM membership within the previous 12 months. Referred members may not use their member organization's complimentary memberships as part of the program. 

How does the program work? 

You may invite colleagues to join APPAM in the following ways: 

  • Complete the Recommendation Form – Complete this form with the name, organization, and email address of the person you would like to recommend for membership. APPAM will then invite them to join and highlight the many benefits a membership offers. 
  • Join Online – Have your colleague enter your name and email address on the online membership application form.  
  • Printable Membership Application – Please make sure your nominee enters your name under “APPAM Member Nominator” near the top of the application.

Receive Rewards!

What's in it for you? Current APPAM members who successfully recruit three new members will receive a $25 gift certificate or a $25 discount off their membership dues once the three new members have paid their annual dues.  

If you successfully recruit five new members you will receive a complimentary APPAM 2017 Fall Research Conference registration in addition to a complimentary APPAM gift once the five new members have paid their annual dues.

Recruitment Tips - We're Here to Help!

  • Tell the story of why you’re a member  -  Is it the annual Fall Research Conference to showcase your research, the Journal of Policy Analysis (JPAM), networking opportunities with others in the field – how does APPAM provide value to you?  Why did you join?
  • Give examples - A positive testimonial can be one of the strongest tools when encouraging colleagues to join.
  • Focus on their needs - Ask questions about their career goals, and based on their answers, identify and highlight the benefits of greatest value. 
  • Provide colleagues with the necessary information about how to join, including where to find the membership application and to include your name as a referral.
  • Follow-up - Touch base in a few weeks to thank them and ask if they have any questions.

Resources for You

What's the Deadline to Recruit and Receive Rewards?

This program will end on September 30, 2017 - Start recruiting now! 


Please contact Meghan Grenda, APPAM Membership & Administration Manager, with any questions.