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New APPAM Student Leaders


In 2014 APPAM announced the first student member of the Policy Council, Sarah Cordes, then PhD Candidate at New York University. In 2015, Ayla Bonfiglio, then PhD Candidate at the Maastricht School of Governance, was appointed to the second student member position on the Policy Council. Ever since, APPAM has had two graduate students as full, voting members of its board. 

JS_HeadshotThis year, joining Zachary McDermott, PhD Student at New York University, is Jose Scott, PhD Student at the University of Southern California. Congratulations to Jose and thank you to all who have nominated students for this position. Jose was appointed by the APPAM President, Sherry Glied, New York University, and the Chair of the Institutional Representatives, Alison Jacknowitz, American University, to serve a two-year term on the Policy Council through 2022.

Alongside our student members on the Policy Council, another group of students will dedicate themselves to service for the association. Established in 2015, the Student Activities Committee plays an important role in making sure that student voices are heard, and APPAM is doing a good job with its student-focused programming and content. The S.A.C. is the home of two of APPAM's podcasts, The Wonk and Let's Grab a Coffee, and is responsible for various events and student-centric work.

This year's S.A.C. incoming members are  Ashlee Frandell, a PhD student at Arizona State University, and Carlos Echeverria Estrada, PhD student at Claremont Graduate University. They are joining returning members, Rachel Perera, a PhD student at the Pardee RAND Graduate School, Tina Fletcher, a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania, Phillip Gigliotti, PhD student at SUNY Albany, Rockefeller College, and Alexandra Haralampoudis, PhD student at Rutgers University.

Are you a PhD or Master's student and are interested in serving in one of these positions next year? Reach out to Ryan Martz at about how to get involved with APPAM.

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