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Being a member of APPAM is more than attending a conference.


It is a highly-experienced network of academics, researchers, practitioners, and students.


It is being on the cutting edge of policy analysis and management topics that affect everyone engaged with research.


It is a community dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in the field.



APPAM Professional Memberships are available to all professionals working in the field of public policy and public affairs.


APPAM Student Memberships are available to students enrolled in a policy related degree program at an institution of higher education.


APPAM Institutional Memberships are available to schools, foundations, and research organizations that contribute to the advancement of the public policy field.


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APPAM is dedicated to improving public policy and management by fostering excellence in research, analysis, and education. Connect with policy researchers, gain leadership experience, and present your research in front of experienced professionals. Here’s how to become more involved and get the most out of your APPAM membership.

Professional Development and Education

Conference Volunteer Positions

RonMake the most of your conference experience by expanding your role to include:

1 Mentor for Student Members (Professional Members only)
2 Panel Chair
3 Panel Discussant
4 Poster Award Judge
5 Student Volunteer (Student Members only)

Job Board, a job board hosted by APPAM, ASPA, and NASPAA, is the source for professional jobs in the public sector - government, nonprofits and NGO's, consulting, and academia - and for advice and information about public service careers.

Institutional Members are eligible to have job opportunities posted directly on the APPAM website. This Job Listing is consistently withing the top 10 visited pages. Email to have your job added.

Podcasts & Webinars

All members have access to our library of professional development podcasts and webinars. Topics include tips for presenting at academic conferences, interview prep, faculty position negotiation, and deep-dives on policy "hot topics."

Professional Members have the opportunity to participate as speakers for professional development resources such as on The Wonk podcast and webinars. Institutional Members are eligible to co-sponsor these resources. Email Ryan Martz at for participation and sponsor information.

Showcase Your Research

APPAM is always on the lookout for great member research to highlight! We can help you promote your recent work via social media, the monthly Update newsletters, and on the APPAM blog. Email Larissa Dalton Stephanoff at for more information.

We also encourage all members to submit work to these APPAM academic conferences: the fall Fall Research Conference, the summer International Conference, the spring Regional Student Conferences, and the rotating Spring Conference.

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AnchorCommunity of Peers


We strive to provide our members with access to a broad collection of tools, content, practical resources, and a smart and vibrant community of peers via the E-List Member Forum Communities. These groups serve as a platform to solicit the advice of your peers, benefit from their experience, and participate in  ongoing conversations.

Membership Directory

This members-only institutional and individual member database allows you to search for colleagues based on location, research topic, and member type. Did you meet someone at the last conference you attended? Many members build future research collaborations by connecting via the directory.

Networking Events

Members receive complimentary registration for the many member forums and networking events held throughout the year.

Voting and Nominations 

Participation in APPAM Governance activities depends on the membership type:

  • Professional Members have voting privileges in all APPAM elections, are eligible for nomination to the Policy Council, and can nominate colleagues to the Policy Council.
  • Institutional Members can nominate persons for the APPAM PhD Dissertation Award. The Institutional Member Representative receives voting privileges as a Professional member.
  • Student Members are non-voting members. Student members may be nominated for the Policy Council as a Student Representative, and to the Student Advisory Committee.

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Save with APPAM

Reduced Registration Rates

JPAM_stack_horizontalMembers have access to reduced registration rates for all APPAM conferences including the Fall Research Conference and the International Conference

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM)

All members receive a complimentary subscription to JPAM. This includes digital access to JPAM Online with additional search and advanced article release features.

Journal Subscriptions

All members receive discounted subscription rates for other research journals.

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Additional Student Resources

Diversity & Inclusion Fellowship

_DSC4042Student Members are eligible to apply for this fellowship which covers the travel and participation costs at the Annual Fall Research Conference. 

Fall Research Conference Student Programming

APPAM hosts a series of student sessions at the Fall Research Conference that feature experts from a variety of professional fields to provide students with advice on their careers. Sessions include tips for grant writing, presentation skills, data visualization, and bridging the gap between graduation and practice.

Student Members and Professional Members are invited to submit session proposals.

Mentor Matching Program

Student Members are eligible to participate in the Fall Research Conference Mentor Matching Program. The program matches students with policy experts to connect one-on-one during the conference and throughout the year.

Regional Student Conferences

These conferences provide PhD and Master's Student Members an opportunity to present their research in front of professors, practitioners, and other students to gain research presentation experience. 

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Additional Institutional Benefits

Complimentary Memberships

_DSC4042Institutional Members receive one complimentary Professional Membership for the organization’s institutional representative. This representative participates on the APPAM Committee of Institutional Representatives.

In addition, academic institutions receive 20 free Student Memberships annually. Non-academic institutions receive five free Professional Memberships for junior staff.

Email Ryan Martz at to set up these memberships.

Exclusive Opportunities

Institutional Members enjoy exclusive opportunities during the Fall Research Conference, such as complimentary interview space, affiliate reception space, access to the policy PhD program fair, and discounted sponsorship opportunities.

These members also have the opportunity to host APPAM Institutional Member Forums and International Conferences.

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Membership Dues

APPAM bills individuals for their annual dues renewals on a monthly basis. Members receive a request to renew their membership three months before scheduled expiration. For example, if you join APPAM in March, you will receive your first renewal request the following January.

To view all Membership types in detail, please click here.

Professional Membership Student Membership Institutional Membership
$75/year for individuals with income less than $65,000 $40/year $2,300/year, payable in January
$105/year for individuals with income $65,000-100,000 Please direct any questions to Ryan Martz,
Membership & Administration Manager,
$135/year for individuals with income more than $100,000

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Become a member today!

Join online and immediately participate as an APPAM member.