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Check out #2020APPAM's Virtual Features and Activities!


The 2020 APPAM Fall Research Conference will be virtual. But that doesn't mean that it should feel less like the conference you're used to attending, so we're making it as easy as possible to network, participate in scholarly debate  and attend our activities. If you haven't registered, don't forget to do so! Let's go through some of the virtual changes.

Online Program

The online program has been upgraded to match the importance of knowing where everything is, just like the physical program used to help you in getting around the conference venue. Because our participants will be from around the country, and even the world, the online program is going to adjust session times for your own time zone!


Some of you may already be familiar with the online communications platform. We here at APPAM use it extensively for our internal communication. Based on the success of the Slack instance for the Resources, Data and Research Collaboration Hub, we'll be facilitating networking through Slack, throughout the conference, with channels dedicated to policy areas, raffles and a way to communicate and plan with your colleagues. 


Our Conference sessions will be run on Zoom as a meeting rather than a webinar, and will be much shorter than normal, 55 minutes rather than 90 minutes. This means shorter presentations, but more time for discussion and audience interaction. Presenters will also have the option to upload full presentations for conversations that are not time-limited, beyond the conference. For more information check out our guidelines.

Virtual Activities

A good part of our previous in-person conferences meant in-person activities, like daily fitness sessions, boxed lunch sessions, or open bar plenaries. While those activities are difficult to translate into a virtual setting, a lot of our other activities are joining us online. Do you want to get some mentoring? The mentor matching program is now accepting mentee applications. Worried about child-care? Apply for our dependent care grants! Wanted to connect to federal agencies and find ways to hep improve policies through your research? Check out our Federal Agencies event! Thinking about going into a PhD program? Register for the virtual PhD Program Fair! And many more


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