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#2021APPAM - The Power of Inclusion Submissions


The Power of Inclusion: Incorporating Diverse Voices in Public Policy Analysis and Management

November 11 - 13, 2021  | JW Marriott Austin |  Austin, Texas

Submissions are now CLOSED


As our 43nd annual meeting, the 2021 APPAM Fall Research Conference will be a multi-disciplinary research conference attracting the highest quality research on a wide variety of important current and emerging policy and management issues. The conference is comprised of special events, super sessions, panels, roundtables, and poster presentations and is designed to encourage substantive interaction among participants. As of early February, we are planning to have #2021APPAM as an in-person event with very limited opportunities for virtual presentation.  We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will keep everyone apprised of any changes to the conference format.


Proposal Submission Information 2021 Policy Areas Submission Instructions Important Dates to Remember Submissions FAQ


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Proposal Submission Information

Submissions for the 2021 APPAM Fall Research Conference opened on February 3rd, 2021. All submissions were due by 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

We are soliciting abstracts for (1) individual papers to be integrated into panels, (2) panels made up of 3-4 papers, (3) roundtables, (4) super sessions, and (5) posters. Abstracts for individual papers and posters are required to be no longer than 500 words; if a panel of papers is proposed, we expect a summary of each paper plus an overarching description of the panel and its importance. Descriptions for roundtables are also required to be no longer than 500 words, plus a listing of participants and a summary of their contributions. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Submissions that demonstrate diversity in terms of organizational affiliations, professional roles, race/gender/ethnicity, and/or ideology & methodology - through questionnaire answers - will be prioritized in the review process.  

  • Diversity in terms of proposal content and author/participant backgrounds are both priorities for this conference.  

  • Individuals may only serve as a presenting author on two panels throughout the conference, though they may serve in other roles unlimited times.

  • Individuals may not serve as a chair or discussant for a panel on which they are also presenting a paper.

  • The final phase of the acceptance process will specifically entail vetting submissions for the aforementioned types of diversity. 



2021 Policy Areas

For our 43rd Fall Research Conference, we will accept submissions in fifteen policy areasFor a description of each policy area, please visit the policy areas webpage.

  • Crime, Justice and Drugs 
  • Education
  • Employment and Training Programs
  • Family and Child Policy
  • Health Policy
  • Housing, Community Development, and Urban Policy
  • Innovations in Science and Technology
  • Methods and Tools of Analysis
  • National Security and Homeland Security
  • National Resource Security, Energy, and Environmental Policy
  • Politics, Media, and the Policy Process
  • Population and Migration Issues
  • Poverty and Income Policy
  • Public and Nonprofit Management and Finance
  • Social Equity and Race



A panel presenter at #2019APPAM.


Submission Instructions

The following specific instructions on the submission process were provided.

How to Submit a Panel

How to Submit a Paper

How to Submit a Poster

How to Submit a Roundtable

How to Submit a Super Session


Session Definitions

Panel - Panels include 3-4 papers.  A chair and at least one, and a maximum of two discussants are required.  Panels with four papers are encouraged to have two discussants.  Presenting authors may not serve as the chair or discussant on the same panel. Individuals may only present up to two papers in panel sessions throughout the conference, though they may serve as a chair or discussant unlimited times.

Poster - Poster submissions are single paper proposals that are presented in a poster format.  Presenters will be asked to discuss their work and answer questions during each poster session. A first, second, and third pace winner will be selected from the presenters each day.

Roundtable - Roundtables do not include papers, but rather feature speakers who will discuss a topic from varying perspectives and draw the audience into a discussion on the topic. Roundtable proposals should include 2-4 speakers plus a moderator.

Single Papers - Single papers are proposals that will later be combined with other single papers to be presented as cohesive panel sessions around a single topic.

Super Sessions - Super Sessions are broadly-appealing sessions that will interest a large number of attendees, and cover an important and topical issue in public policy. This submission type should be interdisciplinary and be of interest to attendees across multiple policy areas. Super Session proposals should include 2-4 speakers plus a moderator.


A poster presenter at #2019APPAM


Important Dates to Remember

Submissions Opened Week of February 1
Submissions Closed April 11
Accept/Reject Notifications Sent Late-July
2021 Fall Research Conference November 11-13



Questions about the conference should continue to be directed to Samantha Oliver Thomason at soliver@appam.org.


Conference Submission FAQ Questions

Questions & Answers

Q: What should I do if I am submitting a proposal for the conference but I need my session or poster to be scheduled on a specific day?


If you have scheduling limitations, please email them to Tristanne Staudt at tstaudt@appam.org. Do not include scheduling limitations in the description or abstract fields of the submission systems as they are unlikely to be seen and will not be honored. Please limit scheduling requests to reasons of great importance including religious observances, medical needs or international travel limitations. Scheduling over 300 sessions is very challenging and requires many sessions to be scheduled during non-preferred time slots, we are not able to accommodate scheduling requests due to family matters or work/class schedules.

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Q: Can I submit more than one proposal?


Yes, you may submit as many proposals as you wish. However, you may only present up to two papers at the conference. If you submit more than two proposals, the others must be co-authored and a co-author must be willing and available to present the work at the conference if more than two of your proposals are accepted.

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Q: Do you accept single paper submissions?


Yes, APPAM accepts single paper submissions. But did you know that fully formed panels have a much better chance of being accepted for inclusion in the Fall Research Conference? To help submitters create fully formed panels, APPAM has created the Single Paper Listing for Panel Creation resource. Single papers are listed with your submitter’s contact information. APPAM encourages submitters to reach out to each other to try to create a fully formed panel. If you find a paper you would like to add to a panel, contact the submitter and see if they are interested in being part of the panel. Alternately, if you submit a single paper, others might contact you to see if you are interested in joining a panel. The page is updated every Wednesday and we strongly encourage you to use this important resource.

If you submitted a single paper that you now want to use as part of a panel, you need to withdraw the paper and resubmit it as part of the panel. Papers cannot be submitted twice.

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Q: I have a question about the submission process that's not addressed here. What do I do?


You can email Tristanne Staudt, tstaudt@appam.org, directly with your question.

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Q: Will super session submissions be considered for anything else?


Great question!  Any super session submissions not accepted as that session type, will be considered for a smaller roundtable session during the conference.

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Q: What will the conference format be this year?


We are currently planning for the conference to be held in-person with very limited opportunities for virtual presentation.  When submitting your proposal, you will be asked to note your presentation preference.  Please note that virtual presenation proposals will only be reviewed with other virtual presentation proposals.  Given the limited opportunities for these sessions, the acceptance rate is expected to be much lower than that for in-person presentation.

Of course, we will continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and will keep everyone apprised of any changes to the conference format.

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Q: Who will be notified of my proposal submission?


Updated for 2021, now every participant listed in a submission will be notified when a proposal is succesfully submitted to the conference.  Please note that if you have multiple roles in a submission, (contact and presenting author, organizer and speaker, organizer and discussant, etc.), you will receive a confirmation email for each role.  

If you have any questions about an email you received, please contact Samantha Oliver Thomason, soliver@appam.org. 

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Q: Why are participants being asked to share demographic information?


We will be contacting all participants included in submissions to add demographic information to their participant profile. This information will confidential and only used by APPAM staff to accurately measure the progress the association has made in their diversity and inclusion efforts. The specific information is completely voluntary and will not impact a submission’s confirmation, review, or acceptance.

The demographics being requested are: age, gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation.  Each field will include an 'Other' and 'Prefer not to say' option.  

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