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WEBINAR: Utility Decision-Making and Public Policy Around Energy Poverty and Insecurity

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

Join experts as they discuss energy insecurity, energy poverty, public policy, and more.


Energy insecurity is defined as the inability to adequately meet the basic energy needs of a household, such as heating and cooling. The Energy Information Administration estimated that in 2020, out of 125.9 million US households, 34 million households had to make serious trade-offs between meeting their basic needs, including food and medicine, and paying their energy bills. Low-income and ethnic minority households are at greater risk of sinking into energy poverty because of spending higher proportions of their income on their energy bills. This webinar presents research that aims to strengthen utility decision-making and public policy around energy poverty and insecurity, particularly among low-income, African-American, and minority communities. Learn more and register today!