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Let's Grab a Coffee: A New Podcast from APPAM


We might all be having a bit harder time connecting to our friends, peers and generally missing the parts that make our lives a little bit more human. Research and teaching don't just happen by themselves, there's people behind that. People with a life like ours. With this new podcast, APPAM recognizes and highlights the humans behind the work. 

Let's Grab A Coffee is something we've all said throughout our careers, be it as graduate students eager to soak up all the knowledge, as a scholar starting to feel comfortable as a peer, or even as established figures in the public policy ecosystem, ready to impart some knowledge, or anywhere in between. The ethos of connecting to those in our field and beyond shouldn't be diminished by physical and travel restrictions. 

The podcast is spearheaded by the Student Activities Committee, and will feature members of the S.A.C. interviewing mentors, peers, and cool people from their academic and professional worlds. Ryan Martz, Membership and Administration Manager and APPAM's liaison to the S.A.C. explained that "compared to The Wonk podcast, which is topic-focused, this new person-focused podcast aims to highlight individual experiences, interests, and hobbies, ultimately providing a more intimate but relaxed listening experience."

The first episode, now out, features S.A.C. Chair, Sarah Charnes, chatting with Dr. Jacob Vigdor. Click through to learn more about Dr. Vigdor's work, his time in graduate school and his tips for up and coming scholars. 

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