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New Podcast Episodes in 2021


The new year brings with it... new podcast episodes from all your favorite public policy podcasts. Check them out below. 


JPAM’s Closer Look, Episode 7: Increasing Community College Completion Rates Among Low-Income Students. 

JPAM author Melissa Kearney talks with JPAM's Closer Look about case management as a tool for low-income students as they navigate the challenges of life while at community college. See the published paper: Increasing Community College Completion Rates Among Low-Income Students.

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The Wonk, Episode 14: Economic Impacts of COVID-19: Education. 

In this podcast, our guest Dr. Katharine Strunk (Michigan State University) discusses the impact of COVID-19 on education. Specifically, we discuss how the pandemic has altered managerial and educational strategies within schools, the public health considerations and policy implications of COVID-19 transmission from in-person learning, the implications of the pandemic for learning outcomes and educational disparities, and the necessity of policy intervention to address this crisis.


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Let's Grab a Coffee Episode 3: A Coffee with Brianna O'Steen and Dr. Dean Yang

In this episode, Brianna O'Steen, PhD Candidate from Oregon State's School of Public Policy Policy interviews Dr. Dean Yang, Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy about COVID hobbies, favorite caffeinated beverages, and the winding paths of academic research. Tune in to catch Dean's advice for graduate students hitting the job market!

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