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APPAM Annual Report

APPAM is pleased to present to its members with an annual report. We started doing so in 2014 and will continue to do so each year.  It is the hope of the Executive Committee and the APPAM staff that this report will provide members with the information needed to stay abreast of the Association's work, the challenges being faced, and the innovations it has embraced.

While APPAM is a vibrant association accomplishing important goals, it does continually face challenges. One of the most important is ensuring that the membership is fully informed of the Association's work. This inaugural report is intended to provide members with a better understanding of the work of APPAM's staff, Executive Committee, and Policy Council are engaged in, as well as the progress towards reaching its strategic goals. The report also provides updates on various programs and projects, and discusses upcoming activities being considered for the future.

The annual report will be published each year, in the first quarter, and will report on the prior years activities. 

Download the APPAM Annual Report 2014.
Download the APPAM Annual Report 2015.
Download the APPAM Annual Report 2016.
Download the APPAM Annual Report 2017.
Download the APPAM Annual Report 2018.
Download the APPAM Annual Report 2019.