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2019 Institutional Member Survey Results


2019 APPAM Institutional Member Survey Results

Are We Preparing Our Students for Success?


Prior to the 2019 Spring Institutional Representatives Meeting in Washington, DC, two surveys were sent out to APPAM Institutional Representatives to gauge the current offerings of policy doctoral programs and key skills valued by those hiring their graduates. The results presented at the meeting were eagerly received by all attendees and there were several requests to share the information after the event.  Below you will find the background, slides, and handout for both surveys.

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PhD Program Survey

APPAM-affiliated PhD program directors have consistently asked for information regarding peer programs to assist with curriculum development, professional development, recruitment, and other program goals. There is little comprehensive information available, so APPAM collected these data through the institutional reps. We have intentionally designed the short and concise survey focused on critical topics of interest so that we could have robust and comprehensive information to share. The survey represents 31 programs from 30 institutions.

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Non-Academic Employer Survey

There is a joint interest of APPAM academic and non-academic institutional members for policy and public affairs programs to produce graduates with marketable skills. However, there is little information available about the skills desired of new Masters-level and new Doctorate-level researchers employed by APPAM’s non-academic institutional members. APPAM collected this data set as a benefit to both our academic and non-academic members to help graduate programs improve the match between the skills of graduates and those desired by research firms.  This survey was offered to APPAM's 13 non-academic institutional members and over 90% completed the survey.
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